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Universe zero a dark belgian 70s classic lp now in our store b58
Universe Zero a dark Belgian 70s classic LP now in our store!
In 1973, Claude Deron and Daniel Denis, both former members of Belgian ''Zeuhl'' band Arkham (which had disbanded the previous year), set up a new group, Necronomicon. By that time, apart from Deron (trumpet) and Denis (drums), the group consisted of Roger Trigaux (guitar), Guy Segers (bass guitar), Patrick Hanappier (violin) and John Van Rymenant (sax), and, later on, Vincent Motoulle (keyboards). At the time, Guy Denis (percussion) took part in some shows and rehearsals and Jean-Luc Manderlier (keyboards) was present only during rehearsals. Necronomicon was renamed Univers Zero in 1974.

For a time, Univers Zero were part of a musical movement called Rock in Opposition (RIO) which strove to create dense challenging music, a direct contrast to the disco and punk music being produced in the late 1970s. Obvious early influences were Bartók and Stravinsky, however the band also cited less well known composers such as Albert Huybrechts, who was also Belgian.

Whereas their early albums were almost entirely acoustic, featuring oboes, spinets, harmoniums and Mellotrons, their 1980s albums tended to rely more on synthesizer and electric guitar, sounding much more electric.

In 1977, they released their first eponymous album Univers Zero, later remixed and renamed as 1313. The album shows a heavy rock and roll approach despite the fact that the instrumentation was largely acoustic.

They disbanded in 1987.

First press, ultrarare and now a copy in Grey Vinyl Treasures. Inquire if interested!
New collection iranian persian upcoming in the grey store b51
New collection Iranian/ Persian upcoming in the Grey Store
The rarest of the rarest you can find it in Grey vinyl Treasures Antwerp. The collection of Iranian 45's we are about to receive almost beats this idea cause this is the rarest of the rarest of the rarest. Check our updates. Music is a mix of taverna, funky Eastern beats, garage and overall that amazing killer mood you can find in the 70s Iranian releases. Visit us. This has become seriously impossible in any state. The pressing were small and demand is great.
The shaggs worlds best or worsed record ever b52
The Shaggs.. World's best or worsed record ever?
The Shaggs were an American all-female rock and outsider music band formed in Fremont, New Hampshire in 1968. The band was composed of sisters Dorothy ''Dot'' Wiggin (vocals/lead guitar), Betty Wiggin (vocals/rhythm guitar), Helen Wiggin (drums) and, later, Rachel Wiggin (bass). They were occasionally joined on vocals by their brother Austin Jr. and nephew Robert.

Dot, Betty and Helen formed the Shaggs in 1968, on the insistence of their father, Austin Wiggin, who believed that his mother had predicted their rise to stardom. Their only studio album, Philosophy of the World, was released in 1969. It failed to garner attention, though the Shaggs continued to perform locally. They disbanded in 1975 after the death of Austin.

The LP sounds like a record from another world. Out of tune playing, out of rhythm drumming, out of tune singing... And still in some strange way it comes together perfect. It should not be but is. Irritation and amazing emotions go hand in hand. Its a trip, a ride into the unknown.

We now have an official re. on Rounder from 1980. A true second press. Check it out!
Just in rolling stones let it bleed 1st uk stereo with poster b53
Just in Rolling Stones 'Let it bleed' 1st UK stereo with poster!
LP with poster is.... AMAZING!!!
The grey team again cruising europe b47
The Grey Team again cruising Europe!
As Covid measures are still complicated we just cannot stay where we are but are back on the road. With PCR testing shit and all kinda papers to ensure we can get where we want to. Madrid was a blast, so happy we finally could do a fair like that again. Upcoming are Barcelona, Valencia and Vienna. Check us out. We are funny, emotionally warm and understanding, crazy, scary, have the best stuff if you like the unusual and are very good for the domestic bars and restaurants. What more can you want????
Obscure picture sleeves from around the world b48
Obscure Picture sleeves from around the world
In our store we always get obscure PS 45's from around the world in. Knowing that there have been a zillion designers who were only designing picture sleeves all day in all colours and images. There's fascinating examples as usually every country, doing PS's, had their own designs. Pretty interesting and almost endless if you want to collect them!
Ghanese movie poster in our antwerp grey vinyl treasures b49
Ghanese movie poster in our Antwerp Grey Vinyl Treasures
Albie Dornauer, our great transglobal Austrian friend, sold me this Ghanese movie poster that now has its bloody place on the wall of the Antwerp store. Its handpainted. As the artist only got the movie title and a photo of the leading actor the rest was up to his imagination. He had a true bloody imagination or just had had a quarrel with his girlfriend... Who knows. Anyway its Rock 'n Roll and really delivers!
German horror exploitation lps b50
German Horror Exploitation LP's.
German jazz musicians Horst Ackermann & Heribert Thusek made a foray into the mixture of early psychedelic rock and krautrock with humorous approach to the horror genre, evident in the ambient and cinematic sounds of the record.
Patrick conrad antwerp counterculture hero b45
Patrick Conrad Antwerp Counterculture hero
In 1972 Belgian poets Nic van Bruggen and Patrick Conrad founded Pink Poets, a group of mainly artists from Antwerp that shared a love for quality restaurants and alcohol. In 1973 Conrad recorded Gelukkig als in het bijzijn van een vrouw with roots man Roland van Campenhout and two session musicians.
The record is one of the very few psychedelic treasures in Belgium. Pressed on 300 copies and most of them vanished, it became a true collector’s item for psych heads and poetry lovers.

Not only does it represent a crucial period in Conrad’s oeuvre, it is also a truly unique cross media collaboration of its time. We hear Conrad reading his poems through an echo chamber, backed up and interspersed with improvised hippyesque folk and effect experiments. On the cover we see Conrad the dandy posing next to a sculpture by Charles Albert Szukalski, the inside of the gatefold sports the poems against a background of opium smokers. This reissue comes with an elaborate essay on the work and a reproduction of the poster of the live presentation at gallery De Zwarte Panter in Antwerp in the same year.

Only 300 numbered records were made. We now have one for sale in our store in Antwerp.
Alan vega only gets better and b46
Alan Vega only gets better and better....
Seeing The Stooges perform at the New York State Pavilion in August 1969 was an epiphany for Vega. In 1966, he met and befriended Martin Reverby. Together, the two began experimenting with music and formed the band Suicide along with guitarist Paul Liebgott. The group played twice at MUSEUM before moving on to the OK Harris Gallery. Calling himself ''Nasty Cut'', he used the terms ''Punk Music'' and ''Punk Music Mass'' in flyers to describe their music, which he adopted from an article by Lester Bangs. In 1971 the group dropped Paul Liebgott and added Mari Reverby on drums, though she didn't play in their live performances. With Bermowitz finally settling on Alan Suicide as a working name, they began to play music venues. Suicide went on to perform at the Mercer Arts Center, Max's Kansas City, CBGB and ultimately, achieve international recognition.

In 1980, Vega released his eponymous first solo record. It defined the frantic rockabilly style that he would use in his solo work for the next several years, with the song ''Jukebox Babe'' becoming a hit single in France. In 1985, he released the more commercially viable Just a Million Dreams, but was dropped from his record label after its release. The album originally was set to be produced by Ric Ocasek as a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Saturn Strip (1983), but production switched over to Chris Lord-Alge and Vega ran into several difficulties during the recording sessions. The album eschewed many of Vega's experimental traits in favor of power pop songs and he later lamented, ''They took all my songs and turned them into God knows what.''

Anyway we have his two solo lp's mentioned in the store in NM condition so better grab 'm before they disappear. Alan Vega is a true Grey heroe!
Expensive 45s at grey vinyl treasures antwerp b44
Expensive 45's at Grey Vinyl Treasures Antwerp
The shop always has a large pile of real cool expensive collector items on 45. When you visit us just add and we'll show you. Read more >
Starting 26 april the borders open again b42
Starting 26 April the borders open again!!!
We are happy to announce the opening of the borders after 26 april. So all you Dutch, German and French and anyone can enter Belgium again off course to visit our store!!!WE will welcome you with a smile on lour faces, open arms and one of the most incredible vinyl collections of Europe on LP and 45.