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Expensive 45s at grey vinyl treasures antwerp b44
Expensive 45's at Grey Vinyl Treasures Antwerp
The shop always has a large pile of real cool expensive collector items on 45. When you visit us just add and we'll show you. Read more >
Starting 26 april the borders open again b42
Starting 26 April the borders open again!!!
We are happy to announce the opening of the borders after 26 april. So all you Dutch, German and French and anyone can enter Belgium again off course to visit our store!!!WE will welcome you with a smile on lour faces, open arms and one of the most incredible vinyl collections of Europe on LP and 45.
27 march till april 25th new covid measures in belgium b37
27 March till april 25th new Covid measures in Belgium
Till 25th of april Grey Antwerp will only be open wednesday till saturday. Though you can visit the store when we are there best thing is to let us know in advance cause there is only a limited amount of people (1 plus 1) allowed in the store. You can make a kinda appointment by telephone, facebook, Instagram or email. Further we're still a fantastic collectables treasure cave in the heart of Antwerp. You are all welcome. Be safe and be sound and healthy. Take care!!!
Bollywood and chutney collection newgrey antwerpen b38
Bollywood and chutney collection New@Grey Antwerpen
New in our Antwerp Store a big collection of Bollywood and chutney lp's. As the Netherlands have a large Hindi community hailing from Surinam, living mostly in the Hague, now and then collections like this pop up. Chutney music is a unique kinda uptempo raga pop crossover that was developed in the Carribean area. The arrangers of the Bollywood movies had totall freedom in arranging and the records here and there have a fantastic disco feel mixed with a more folkish attitude. Very special stuff. Records are in our Antwerp store now!!!!
4000 45 collection of soul rb disco and funk 45s newgrey antwerp b39
4000 45 Collection of soul, r&b, disco and funk 45's New@Grey Antwerp
We bought a fantastic collection of soul, funk, r&b 45's from the late 60s till the 70s. Also many Northern soul nuggets. We're currently pricing them and putting them in our store in Antwerp. many cool collectibles absolutely worth a visit when you are in the neighborhood. Don't forget to let us know if and when you want to visit our store. On the pic. you see the boxes filled with 45's in our van.
Uplifting bell ends a major surprise from australia were fan b40
Uplifting Bell Ends a major surprise from Australia. We're fan!!
Some bands just have it. That certain kinda special. When you are into lofi garagey poppy psychy weirdo stuff this is where you must pay attention. This mysterious gang from Melbourne Australia started somewhere like a 10 years ago and till now released 3 LP's in disturbing small quantities. Records are filled with that magic that exists when you let go of rules and the wants of the contemporary audience and just do what you want not caring bout a big career or whatever as long as the music, your art, is sticking close to your heart. Melodies are fantastic, musicians are great, mood is magical. What more to say. Grey obtained a pile of this magical third release but it as sold very fast so... Its up to you freaks to surf down the Earthian fast lane to obtain a vinyl platter that will make you more then happy!!! And don't say we did not tip you off!!!
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