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Original lps by gg allin now for sale grey antwerp b82
Original LP's by GG Allin now for sale @Grey Antwerp
We now have for sale 3 original LP's by US Punk cult guy GG Allin who gave a whole new meaning to selfdestructness.

By this point, Allin's performances, which often resulted in considerable damage to venues and sound equipment, were regularly stopped by police or venue owners after only a few songs. Allin was charged with assault and battery or indecent exposure a number of times. His constant touring was only stopped by jail time or by long hospital stays for broken bones, blood poisoning, and other physical trauma.

Another attraction to Allin performances was his continual threats of suicide. In 1989, Allin wrote to Maximum RocknRoll stating that he would commit suicide on stage on Halloween 1989. However, he was in jail when that day came. He continued his threat each following year but ended up imprisoned each following Halloween. When asked why he did not follow through with his threats, Allin stated, ''With GG, you don't get what you expect—you get what you deserve.''[23] He also stated that suicide should only be done when one had reached one's peak, meeting the afterlife at one's strongest point and not at one's weakest.[24]

In June 1993, Allin made an appearance on The Jane Whitney Show. This interview is infamous for being his last interview and for Allin's aggression toward the audience. Allin openly stated that he would commit suicide and take his fans with him. When questioned by Jane, he clarified that he would make them commit suicide as well or he would kill them. Allin also stated that, at 35, he could sleep (have sex) with 12-, 13- and 16-year-old girls, boys, and animals, and claimed that he raped both women and men at his concerts.

According to Bowling, after walking the streets for almost an hour, Allin eventually went to Johnny Puke's apartment. There, he and others continued to party and use drugs. Along with Johnny Puke, Allin ingested large amounts of heroin, on which he overdosed and slipped into an unconscious state. Sometime in the early morning of June 28, Allin died from the effects of his heroin overdose. Later that morning, Puke noticed that Allin still lay motionless in the same place where he had left him and posed for Polaroids with the corpse before calling for an ambulance. Allin was pronounced dead at the scene. He was two months short of his 37th birthday.

Music is lofi punk with dirtbag lyrics. Love 'm or hate 'm but totally unique in its vulgar absence of any taste.
Your all over europe grey team b80
Your all over Europe Grey Team
See here our trans Europe Grey team! Check our fair agenda on the site. Both music freaks and lovers of the good life so have a great time with us! See ya!
Esg original lp newgrey antwerp b81
ESG original LP New@Grey Antwerp
The band originally consisted of the Scroggins sisters, Renee (vocals), Valerie (drums), Deborah (bass) and Marie (congas, vocals) and friend Tito Libran (congas, vocals). The band's name stands for emerald, sapphire, and gold. Emerald and sapphire are Valerie and Renee Scroggins' birthstones, and gold refers to the record certification.[4] Ed Bahlman discovered ESG while serving as the judge for a talent show and became the band's unofficial manager.[5][6]

Tony Wilson from Factory Records approached the band after a performance at Hurrah in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and three days later they began recording with Martin Hannett in Manchester, England.[6] They recorded ''Moody'' and ''You're No Good'' in their first session. Hannett had three minutes left on the master tape, so he had the band record ''UFO''.[7] The recordings helped bring Bahlman's focus to the band.[6] On December 3, 1980, he recorded ESG's performance at Hurrah, which became the B-side for ESG. Bahlman formed a partnership with Factory so that his 99 Records label could release the EP in 1981.[5] In July, they made a second pressing of the record.[8] It was received positively by music critics. Robert Palmer called it one of 1981's ''freshest records''.[9] The New York Times placed ESG second on its list of the best EPs and cassettes of 1981,[10] and The Village Voice placed the EP third on its Pazz & Jop critics' poll.[11]

1982's ESG Says Dance to the Beat of Moody EP continued in a similar vein, as did their first album, 1983's Come Away with ESG. Renee Scroggins retains the rights to ESG's new music and publishing. The group's work had become popular, mainly among hip-hop artists searching for samples, with such acts as TLC, the Wu-Tang Clan, Kool Moe Dee, the Beastie Boys, Big Daddy Kane, Gang Starr, Junior Mafia, Tricky, Jay-Dee, MF Doom, as well as indie rockers like Unrest and Liars all sampling the group. The group addressed this issue on the 1992 12'' EP Sample Credits Don't Pay Our Bills. The album, ESG Live!, was released in 1995 and featured both old and new material.
The grey team conquering europe b78
The Grey Team conquering Europe
Meet the Grey team coming to you all over Europe. Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Paris. Frankfurt, Barcelona, Madrid, Milano and Sweden Otterbergets. We deliver all the goods on 45 and 33 rpm. Original vinyl from all over the world. Check the agenda!
Super rare original dutch beefheart 45 just in b76
Super rare original Dutch Beefheart 45 just in.
As we try to keep up a special cool stock for all you diggers its always great to offer really incredible rarities. Disc is VG+/ VG+ and I have never ever had another copy. Both monstruous tunes from the Captain's superb debut album. Its like a treasure so very welcome at Grey Vinyl Treasures Antwerp.
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