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New 45 by the vancooths is an object of art b71
New 45 by the VanCooths is an object of art
This newest VanCooths release is not just another release. Next to the fact that it is a lathe cut disc done by a Machine from the 40s its also a unique piece of art. Only 40 numbered copies around and every sleeve is unique and different

Hand painted cover for the VanCooths 7 inch release 2022. Signed and numbered by the artist Dieke Coumans.

Painted with acrylic inks and acrylic spray paint. Light fast and fade proof colors. On 800 grams acid and pH neutral passe-partout cardboard.

Both songs are VanCooths renditions of two Addysmaddymaddys tunes.

Lathe-cut means one by one hand made on a cutting machine of the 40s. The 45 is not as loud as a normal 45 and has a bit of an 'old' sounds about it.

A very interesting new release and only 40 copies out there!
Original lp by brooklyn kids esg new in the grey store antwerp b72
Original LP by Brooklyn kids ESG new in the Grey Store in Antwerp
ESG (Emerald, Sapphire & Gold) is an American funk rock band formed in the South Bronx in 1978. ESG has been influential across a wide range of musical genres, including hip hop, and dance-punk. The band's track ''UFO'' is one of the most sampled songs in history.

Their original records are extremely collectable and its always great to have 'm in the store. Globally to me their sound is like a skeletal version of the B52's.

Interested? be fast!
De addysmaddymaddys box en lp nu in pre sale komt er aan b70
De Addysmaddymaddys BOX en LP nu in pre-sale. KOMT ER AAN!
Hij komt er aan de Grey Productions BOX met PLaat en Boek van de Addysmaddymaddys! Maar 100 exemplaren dus ben er snel bij. Dit is een pre-sale! Boek is punk, vulgair, spannend, gewelddadig, gestoord en lekkah zoals Haagse vrienden zeggen. LP is mengeling van punk, garage, psychedelica en indie rock en knalt uit de boxen. Een prachtige unieke box!!

60s garage rock from morocco b68
60s Garage rock from Morocco
Garage rock was made throughout the world. So why not in Morocco. Jail Bennis and the Golden Hands bash themselves through a fantastic version of Nino Ferrer's 'Mirza' to land with 'Aziza' which sounds like a rather straight beat tune but has awkward ethnic breaks with female high pitched shouts. Currently on for sale in our Antwerp store. It was released in 1967. The Golden hands would continue into the 70s even releasing an LP only on cassett that now has been reissued. Still trying to find their 2nd and 3rd 45. Try to find one if you can!!!
Kris ife inspired the deep purple b69
Kris Ife inspired the Deep Purple
Kris Ife was an English songwriter/ musican playing in the 60s with the Quiet Five until he started a solo career in 1966. His version of Billy Joe Royal's 'Hush', a major mod dancer in the circuit, inspired Deep Purple to do their version which was a first step into a mega career. Later Kris was part of the Matchmakers, a Mark Wirtz psych pop band and did a lot with J. Vincent Edwards. He die in 2013. Here we have the 45 in its unique Swedish ps showing Kris in full bloom. The 45 was released in UK and South Africa with a different B-side compared to this Swedish one. Its now for sale in the Grey Vinyl Treasures in Antwerp!
Sometimes a record store is like museum b67
Sometimes a record store is like a museum...
At Grey we have a small collection of original African vinyl for sale. Read more >
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