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Grey buying records in scandinavia b59
Grey buying records in Scandinavia
The Grey team spend a wee k in Norway and Sweden buying records for the store. We go everywhere to get the best of the best for our customers. Soul, funk, beat, jazz, psychedelic, worldmusic and more. Check the collection out in the store in Antwerp!
Crazy records in our grey vinyl treasures store b60
Crazy records in our Grey Vinyl Treasures store.
We at Grey Vinyl Treasures Antwerp have this strange urge to buy odd and weird records for our customers listening pleasure. Exploitation lp's are always cherished as this weird Indian lp mixing sitar sounds with latin vibes. Love it!!!
Dub reggae ska and rocksteady lps at grey vinyl treasures b61
Dub, Reggae, ska and rocksteady lp's at Grey Vinyl Treasures
The Grey Vinyl Treasures Store has a rather constant stream of these records coming in and going out. Almost always originals. Check us out regularly. It will make you happy!
Serge gainsbourg all time genius and hero b54
Serge Gainsbourg all time genius and hero
We found this record in the cheapo bins at a fair cause it looked like shit but surprise... It plays near perfect. Its Gainsbourg busy perfectionising his personal sound just before 'Je t'aime moi non plus'. He mixes classic chanson eroticing it up and mixing it with contemporary soul and popbeat. Results are fabulous. This LP also has his muze Brigitte Bardot from those days. Perfection from start to finish. One of the many 60s stars measuring 6 feet but sounding like giants.
Impulse jazz original lps in grey vinyl treasures antwerp b55
Impulse jazz original lp's in Grey Vinyl Treasures Antwerp
Collecting Jazz original LP's nowadays is very popular. Mainly the Blue Note, Prestige and Impulse labels are hot.We're trying our best to get of as many original copies as we can but it ain't easy as they're almost grabbed out of our hands the moment we get them by happy obsessive collectors. Check us out for this kinda stuff when you're near!!
Thurston moore hand painted original lp b56
Thurston Moore hand painted original LP
It ain't hard to create a collectable. Press 120 lp's inside a handpainted sleeve and be a former member of Sonic Youth. There you go! We have it in our store now. Once copy. But for how long. Next to a special item its a certain investment too. Check us out!
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