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The VanCooths 'False sense of security'!
The VanCooths, Grey people, family and friends, have a 45 out of US based 'Certified PR' records. here's an original clip featuring Dieke and friends. You can obtain the 45 in our store for only 5 euro's!
Gift amazing krautrock rarity newgrey b34
Gift amazing Krautrock rarity New@Grey
When in 1969 in Augsburg Phallus Dei changed its name in 'Gift' it was the start of a breef career till 1974 releasing two Krautrock LP's. This one featured here being the first. Their first album is not a typical Krautrock offer but more British hard rock oriented but with that special German vein which we all love. Strong guitars and gorgeous vocals combined with pleasant melodies make their music and create some great moments. Now for sale is an original copy at our Grey Store!!!
Visiting a record store during the covid epidemic b35
Visiting a Record Store during the Covid Epidemic.
We don't tell something new if we state there's an Epidemic. We are lucky to have our store in Belgium so we can still be open but there's serious restrictions. For example we may only have a customer for each square 10 meters. That means two in the storefront and 5 in the store back. Also customers are obliged to wear a mask. When you have reading glasses you instantly get that hazy moist and you don't see shit. Still we have fun here. We try to keep loading the store with new vinyl treasures so a visit for collectors will never be in vain. Visit us when you can. We're open tuesday till saturday starting 12.00.
Stan donn unknown us moody garage rocker b32
Stan Donn unknown US moody garage rocker
As we already told you we bought an incredible big jukebox 45 collection. Next to the Rocco Granata's, Adamo's and Freddy's there's also amazing unknown artists to be found in this endless pile of dirty records abducted from a fate that probably would have been a garbadge dump. In it was a pile of 45's by Stan Donn. His 'Deep in your heart' was originally released in the US on the tiny 'Like young' label. Stan Donn had two 45's on this label. His 2nd got a Belgian issue on Frankie Records a year later. 1967. Its a heartfelt garage downer tune drowning in pain and melancholy not to mention the fantastic leads that some people compare to the 13th Floor Elevators which I think is a bit going too far but still mucho better then this one they don't come. We still have some copies of this 45 in our store.
Vertigo swirl lps in the store b33
Vertigo Swirl LP's in the store
We deal for 99% in 2nd hand records. LP's and 45's. People want them to be as clean and perfect as possible. With 45's most people want them mostly to play well but especially with jazz and progressive LP's we need a time machine to satisfy customers. They need to be perfect. Sleeve and record. Spindlemarks are the light lines on the record label around the hole. When you try to put your record on you search for the hole and create spindle marks. No spindle marks means never played. Never played also means a record that sucks. Difficult story. A sleeve you put on a pile, in a cupboard.. Anything. People smoke, aggressive cats, moving to a new apartment.... Not to mention wars, floods, earthquake's. A sleeve does have a real challenge in its staying perfect. Records themselves exactly the same. bad needles, parties, drunken owners.... Damn... Still customers need the records to be original and perfect. There's a very big hole between a perfect record and a record with minor issues in price. For example Vertigo Swirl has to be UK press, we luckily have some, records have to be perfect, we do have some and sleeves need to be 100% perfect... And THAT is almost impossible. The grading system must help customers but still best thing to do is looking at the records and sleeves yourself. So visit us!!! We try to grade as good as it gets and don't overprice though a rarity is a rarity one way or another. That won't change.
Freakbeat 45s in our grey vinyl treasures store b30
Freakbeat 45's in our Grey Vinyl Treasures Store
We at Grey Vinyl Treasures Antwerp dig freakbeat very much. Original 45's are always at our store. Currently we have two boxes in our store. Partly UK originals and partly European Pic sleeves records. While beat is nice but a little bit too sweet, except the mod r&b, the adrenalin fuelled postbeat has all we love about music. Excitement, power, aggression, genius melodies... Basicly the years 66 to 68. We just got in the Dutch press of the 2nd Barrier 45 which is a great example of what we are meaning. Distortion, heavy groove, great melody.. Both sides killer and its in great nick. Visit our store for more of the same. Everchanging collection of cool rarities.....
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