Grey Vinyl Treasures

In our store in Antwerpen you find collector items and special records, lp and 45, from all over the world. 1950 till now.....

Our store

Our stor in Antwerpen is like a vibrating organism gettin new stuff all the time and dealing with music lovers, freaks, deejays, collectors from all over the world almost 24 hours a day. We carry psych garage/ freakbeat/ Soul funk r&b/ rocksteady ska reggae/ latin/ Turkish b45, quite specialised in it/ Dutch and Belgian beat and many more. LP and 45. Loadsa world and euro beats. Obscure original presses. A special place led by a freak. In the back we now are hausing 9000 budget LP's for the smaller wallet and try to take care it keeps interesting so no cheapo 70s comps or james last and others.

Korte Nieuwstraat 6 
2000 Antwerpen

Recordfairs and online sales

We love to do Record fairs all over Europe. We love to be everywhere and meet the passionate people like us. Please check our site for upcoming fairs which we will add as far as Covid lets us.

Online sales are not our favorite thing as we love meeting clients, discussing music and just the contact you have in the store but we do sell a bit through Discogs, see the link, and thgrough certain Facebook groups.
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