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Somewhere in the early 80’s in a small student room a young man was banging an old and cheap acoustic guitar trying to compose tunes and record them on a small cassetplayer. In 1984 he would have a first gig with friends as the Four One and Only’s and in 1986 they would appear for the first time on the stage of Paradiso Amsterdam. A dream that came true.
Together with Rob Musters he, Marthy Coumans, started the Noet lachten label in 1986 releasing like 12 records in 5 year’s time. Most of them compilation albums with lesser known to unknown bands. When playing as a support act to fave band the Camper van Beethoven in the Effenaar in Eindhoven ‘Grey’ was born. Greg Lisher, the guitar player of the Camper, asked their supporting Dutch band what language they were singing in. Well English… they thought. Hell why are we singing in English was the next thought. The next decade saw the release of a stream of compilations documenting the Dutch ancient rock roots called ‘Biet Het’.

It was the start of a big adventure. Marthy set off as a kinda rock antropologist to study musicscenes around the world and create compilations with in those days unbelievable cool artefacts from Turkey (Turkish Delights), Asia (Steam Kodok), Iran (Raks Raks raks), the Arabian world and the Middle east (Waking up Scheherazade) and many more. He was also the guy behind the legendary ‘Huiboki’, a dealer on ebay who brought customers for years the insanest collectable 45’s. At the end of the first decade of the 2000nds it had become quite normal to release albums like the forementioned so Marthy turned to releasing new bands again. As the reissue label was called ‘Grey Past’ all he needed to do was to get rid of the ‘Past’. ‘Grey Records’ was born.
The 1st release really hit the mark cause it was the first release of Jacco Gardner as the ‘Skywalkers’. Now a sought after collectable. Next came electro duo ‘the Happy Kids’ from Austria. A garage take on ‘Suicide’. 4 More releases followed but then it stopped cause Marthy had started a recordstore with his girlfriend fashion designer Rianne the Witte. 2020 however will mark a new start for the label now called ‘Grey Productions’. We intend to bring you the coolest underground sounds we can find and will use the label also as an outlet for our own creativity. Now 8 releases are planned and 4 albums will be released the coming weeks.

Hell why are we singing in English we thought

Music ranging from punk to lofi to garage to psychedelic to surf with cold wave elements. We aim at releasing records by bands we really love and for that also look across the border and even the Ocean. From the US we are busy releasing LP’s by Jo Kusy (previously with Farout Fangtooth), Daddy Issues and from Canada the Garry’s. From the Netherlands the VanCooths, Eric Geevers and Jellephant. Next to our new Recorstore in Antwerp we plan to create magic by giving all these artist a go at your ears. So stay tuned. We are just beginning.
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