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Waking up sheherezade vol 1
Waking up sheherezade vol 1

Waking up Sheherezade Vol 1The Middle East and North African rock scenes unearthed

First ever comp solely with bands from egions yet overlooked by collectors and researchers.
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A mindmelting collection of rare to superrare obscurities!

In the last 25 years whole rockscenes have opened up around the world but the Arabian and Middle Eastern scenes yet were undiscovered till this comp. It all started with the Cedars/ Sea-ders from Lebanon. A freakbeat band perfectly blending Western and Middle Eastern sounds. While in Lebanon, interviewing the original bass player for a piece in the US Ugly Things mag, we bought a giant pile of records in Beirut. This was the start ot this amazing comp filled with amphetamine fuelled outbursts, psychedelic crossovers and vinylnuggets beyond rare now available to every freak around the world. Though when releasing this comp very little to nothing was known about the artists that has changed by now and they got the respect the deserved.

Fantastic Artwork cover by Milan Hulsing
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