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Four one and onlys the clouds smell like sauerkraut ep 45 1989

Four One and Only's The clouds smell like Sauerkraut ep/ 45 1989.A unique chance on an old and rare sold out item

We got a small pile of this 45 in. Long deleted and all NM.
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Somewhere in the late 80s the Four One and Only's, heavily connected to the Grey Team, issued this 45 thge Buss brothers in Germany. Only a small press of 300 so seemed to have disappeared forever. Moreover this was one of the finest nmoments of this Dutch indie band. Three songs. From the poippy 'The clouds smell like Sauerkraut' to the emotional and loud 'Jilted by you' to the sensitive 'I'm longing for your tender touch'. All great stuff. Top conditions. only 5 left.

Watch and listen!

Watch and listen!
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