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Our vinyl treasures store in antwerp b24
Our Vinyl Treasures store in Antwerp
Having a special store means a never ending spell of working, changing, adding and developing. Rianne de Witte has the Vision to make the store look like a real treasure project. Not only beautiful but also uncluttered and nice to dig and search through. The coolness of the store already now easily surpasses my expectations. Wonderful!!!
The sex pistols lp rare blank back uk press b23
The Sex Pistols LP rare Blank back UK press.
In the store now a very rare copy of the early 11 track press, without 'Submission', of the one and only official Sex Pistols album 'Never mind the bollocks'.

V2086 : 11 Track Pressing.
Blue Virgin labels; 11 tracks on the album, omitting the track 'Submission'; Producers Chris Thomas & Bill Price; timings on labels and rightful credits. Tracks are in a different running order to the subsequent 12 track pressing. Both plain rear sleeves and 11 track rear sleeves are found to be used on the 11 track album release. (Other combinations are possible, perhaps if records and sleeves may have been swapped over time, however the labels on the 11 track album are a constant.)

We add a picture of the back of the sleeve. matrix has A1/ B2. A rare item of a groundbreaking record that shook the world in 1977.
Me in my antwerp store b19
Me in in my Antwerp Store
Mark Rietveld photographed me last summer while just starting up the store and battling the Covid epidemic which probably was the worst moment since thehe 2nd World War to start up a new store. What differs us from others is my love for rare 45's from across the world. Cause off friends and contacts everywhere the store is constantly supplied with amazing artefacts which you don';t find anywhere except with us. Also on LP. We do some new stuff but mainly stuff we like or private releases from locals we should support we think. New in the store is a budget department of around 9000 lp's that gets refreshed all of the time and could also hold thousands of 45's when we can buy a big collection. Its a special place for you freakbeat/ punk/ rocksteady/ funk/ Worldbeats/ 60s and really anything fanatics. When around don't froget paying us a visit and say hello! We're open tuesday to saturday from 12.00 to around 18.00/ 19.00 depending on customers.
More than 9000 budget lps new in our store antwerp b20
More than 9000 budget LP's New in our Store in Antwerp
We just opened our budget space. More then 9000 LP's and we sell 4 for 10 euro. They're 3 euro's a piece and man... Its no shit. Lotsa pop, rock, jazz, world music, oldies and no cheapo 70s comps or James Last and the like trash. Most will be around 10 to 15 euro in value. As for Belgian Covid rules 5 people at the same time are allowed in our budget space so be there in time or be patient. It will be rewarded. We will refresh the records regularly. Its a fantastic day out! We open tuesday to saturday at 12.00!
Constantly new originals on 7 inch or lp format drop in at the store b21
Constantly new originals on 7-inch or LP format drop in at the store.
Constantly new LP's and 45's are dropping in at our store. All genres. Usually there's a lot of collectables involved. So keep checking us out on Facebook, Instagram and through our site!!!
Fave lp of the owner grey vinyl treasures b22
Fave LP of the owner of Grey Vinyl Treasures
What's a favorite record? I think its not just a great record musically but also one that had some kind of positive impact on your life. It was in the days of post punk, chaos punk and Oi Oi and dark and cold wave that at once this record appeared full of warmth, positive emotion an quircky as hell. It was the debut album of the Television Personalities led by Dan Treacy. It came to me as a shock and also was one of the reasons I wanted to start a band. Perhaps in retrospect its justa nice pop lp but the moment it appeared it was totally different from anything that was made. Songs about small life, your sister, stupid parties, your underground heroes all with a warm sense of humour and lyrically really sharp observations. Sound is very sixties alike but no 60s album sounds like this. As Joe Foster once told me, a lot of the musicians involved were fantastic. The LP just turned out this way. What can I say more... I just spoke the plain truth! Check it out if you dare! Their first 4 LP's are all winners, anwyay to me....
The store has opened again b18
The store has opened again!
The periodical lockdown has ended on 1 december so our Antwerp Store , Korte Nieuwstraat 6, has opened again. WE're still working on our store appearance. Check out this beautiful Indian 'curtain' that creates the right treasure look we aim at. Very cool. Do visit us when you're in the neighbourhood!
Little pile of deleted 1989 45s available for sale again b17
Little pile of deleted 1989 45's available for sale again
IN 1989 the Four One and Only's had a 45 released in Germany on the Roman Cabbage label from the Buss brothers. Only a 300 press and long gone. A German friend found a small stash of it in NM conditions so they're available again through our site. Please get in touch if you're interested.
The Oers Image of an adult
Clip from a tune Rianne and me, owners of Grey, recorded 4 years ago as the Oers. We called ourselves after our friend Marien van Oers (RIP) who played an abstract role in us gettin' together. The LP we wrote in one evening in New Castle and we recorded it in two days with friends. We pressed 100 LP's four years ago and haussed them in Silk sleeves. Music and fashion meeting. Very soon 'In the Red' Records USA will release it on the American market making us feel very proud. Stay tuned and updated. We'll sell copies through our site.
The oers soon to be released on in red records b8
The Oers soon to be released on 'In the Red' Records
Grey release the Oers '111' to be released in the US on 'In the Red' records soon.
Ramones lps german presses b11
Ramones LP's German presses
Ramones LP originals in our Store in Antwerp Read more >
Delphine fermeture eclaire b12
Delphine Fermeture eclaire
We the People in French. Wayne Proctor, the writer, told me he never knew this existed. Read more >