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The vancooths
The vancooths
The vancooths
The vancooths
The vancooths

The vanCoothsThe VanCooths go with a bang

4 Monstruous tunes that will warble your brains for weeks, months even years.... And 'You said no' might easily become a giant psychedelic clubhit. Check it out! Goodbye VanCooths and thanks for just existing....... BANG!!!!
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Basicly a dad, his 2 singing daughters and musician friends belonging to the Dutch indie and garage top.

The VanCooths

The VanCooths were born in 2012. The first album, 'Off to the USA', was recorded in a living room and had all fun and excitement you can expect from a lo-fi poppy garage family affair. Very unique for the Netherlands. 2017 Saw the release of the 2nd album quite logicly entitled 'The VanCooths are back'! This record was a lot wylder and gave the band some real positive attention with lots of superlative reviews and fans all over the world. The daughters had grown up 5 years and were now angry at the world and wrote their own songs and lyrics to give way to these emotions. Some labels wanted to release new stuff by the band but sadly no way the band would play live except for the true moments of presentaton for friends and interested in their howe town Breda. Records were only sold through the Grey recordstore and are now totally sold out and will become collectables. The few lucky bastards that really saw this phenomen live..... Now Grey Productions will release the final VanCooths effort entitled 'The VanCooths go with a bang'! This one will be available for the first time through distributors and will give you all an opportunity to owe a record of what surely later will become a legendary Dutch indy outfit. Its a 12-inch with only 4 songs but it splatters through punk, noise, psychedelic ventures and garage punk as if it's the most natural thing in the world.

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