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The heatwave
The heatwave
The heatwave

The heatwaveUnreleased Nederbiet Nugget

From Dordrecht comes this amazing comp of unearthed recordings from 67/ 68
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The Heatwave should have been famous

Fame or just being forgotten, there's something of a chance hanging around it. There's loadsa incredible bands who just never made it out of bad luck, wrong place wrong time or just not being able to get anywhere cause off various reasons. The quality of the compositions and playing of the Heatwave makes it in retrospect rarther unbelievable that this band never got anywhere despite lotsa gigs, positive reactions and even the help of Freddy Haayen could not change that. Probably too many also rans.... Anyway here we give the band, after more than 30 years, what they should have had in 1968, a whole album. And its not just good, its fantastic!!!!
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