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The garrys
The garrys
The garrys

The GarrysSurf Manitou

Dreamy brooding harmony surf rock doom-garage on morphine.
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Official re on Grey Productions of classic dark surfadelic record.

Girlband from Saskatoon in Sasketchewan, Canada. On our trips through Europe we always carry an MP3 stick in the car loaded with new bands I take from bandcamp. Sometimes you get totally blown away bout what you hear. Everytime a song by the Garrys passed we looked at each other... What's this? We know the Dum Dum Girls or la Luz for example but this was so pure open, innocent and yet dark and moody... It almost became an obsession. Most songs were about their life in this 200.000 people city in the middle of Canada with hot summers and cold winters. 'Mike's beach bar, the amazing Grave-yard curve, Make-out at the drive-inn'... Wow! Our hearts melted. Then it came from one thing to another. I had to get a copy of the record. And that was near impossible. It took me like half a year. When I had it in my hands and saw the Canadian label called 'Grey Records' I knew it had to be. I should do a reissue of this amazing classic so anyone into this kinda thing could get a copy and hear how good these girls really are. So get it!!! They just released a new double album with music to a silent movie about witches which also is of incredible beauty! So we are proud to present the official re of an album from 2017 that is sparkling with mood, power beauty and anything you want from a record.

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