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Raks Raks RaksGrey filling up white rock'n roll gaps on the earth map

First ever comp of Iranian psych rock, garage and funk
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Discovery that changed the rock world (a little)....

Somewhere in the late 90s I discovered a green vinyl 45 by the Rebbels in Istanbul. I thought it was some German or Tsjech band but cause off the odd rhythm Turkish friends stated to be sure it was Iranian. In those days that seemed impossible. Yet a friend went looking for more of the same in Teheran and slowly discovery after discovery popped up at the Grey head quarters becoming more and more startling. A whole new world opened up. There had been a very fertile music scene in Iran/ Persia in the days of the Sjah. After the 78 revolution it was directly done and seemed to have disappeared in the dark slumbers of history. Now it hit everybody interested like a missile. Moha Jamin, Ojooba Ha, Kourosh, the Golden Ring and others suddenly turned into classic overnight. As this comp. A classic from start till finish.
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