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Disco in the
Disco in the

Disco in the DiscoDutch lofi electro punk heroes

One and only album by one of the best bands ever from the region.
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Electro punk lofi surf hippies.

One evening I went to the local club with as usual very low expectations but this time I really was struck by the performance of Disco in the Disco. A key player, a guitarplayer and a guy delivering the beats made a giant party with odd songs ranging from surfy electro to weird hiphop beats to kinda 80s electropop. I immediately came up with 'Neue Neue Welle'. They recorded this album for the label, had a pile of gigs and great fun and sadly disbanded leaving the world with this classic. The reason they disbanded was that the guitarplayer started working in Japan and the singer left for a year's surfing trip.
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